email artworkWow! Did you know that approximately 77% consumers prefer to receive "Permission-based" marketing communication through email? Now that you know this fact maybe you should consider an Email Campaign.

This is a service that I have been asked about more than once and decided that I should learn about this and to ultimately provide this service to my client's such as you.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your clients on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly. This can be very effective but a few things need to be addressed before beginning an email campaign...

  1. Can-Spam Act of 2003
  2. Building your contact's list (your subscribers): you need their permission and allow an opt-out option
  3. Your message should be helpful, educational or provide them with a product or a service that they need
  4. Build Your Contact List: the best way is to have a simple sign-up form on your website because your online viewers can give you permission to use their email address.

You can add contacts to your list without a website such as paper form sign-ups which can be handed out at "meet-and-greet" events. It might be effective to have business cards that has a small line that says that you have a newsletter and invite them to sign-up. Maybe, add a sentence to your invoices that lets your client's know that you provide a FREE monthly newsletter.